Wednesday 28 February 2024
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Build A Career In The Share Market To Lead A Wealthy Life

Build A Career In The Share Market To Lead A Wealthy Life

Being a trader or an investor is nothing less than being on a roller coaster ride moving through the highs of profits and lows of losses. Hence, it becomes vital to learn about how stock trading actually works, particularly if you are a newbie. Most Indian share market buying and selling is conducted on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Various careers can be pursued if one wishes to be successful in the stock market with the help of proper discipline and guidance. Also, share market education can be imparted with the help of stock market apps, which can help create a solid foundation in clearing the concepts relating to this domain.

First of all, knowing about your interests and preferences and the relevant skill sets inculcated through a stock market trading app can be a great way to get started, allowing you to make better and smarter decisions in the long run. There are numerous career opportunities in the share market, like broker, advisor, research analyst, portfolio manager, relationship manager, trader, professional investor, etc.

Various other roles indirectly related to the share market include writing/journalism, share market trainer, stock market operator, designing products, etc. You can also choose to become a SEBI-registered stock analyst by receiving certifications issued by NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets or NCFM and the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets).

Professional qualifications such as MBA, CFA, CFP, FRM, CMT and CWM can add immense value and credibility to your resume. You can also install a stock trading app to get a brief idea about finance, economics, and stock markets. The Play Store or App Store apps are both paid and free. They can help you learn about the workings of the world of finance and the stock market before you get started with the above-mentioned professional certifications.

There are various job domains in the share market that you can select from; they are as follows:

  • Broker:

These are authorized professionals who trade on the investors’ behalf. They serve as representatives of brokerage firms and conduct share market trading. They are needed to clear NISM certifications and adhere to the regulations prescribed by SEBI.

  • Advisor:

Having built a rapport and expertise by being an advisor, you will offer market insights and knowledge to your clients to choose the right stocks for their portfolio. To become an advisor, you must clear the NISM Investment Advisor certification exam and register with SEBI to serve as an investment advisor.

  • Relationship Managers:

They guide firms to enhance their relationships with current clients and obtain new ones. They are into presenting the product to the clients and offering them services to boost customer satisfaction. They need to stay in tune with the stock market happenings and know about the sales performance metrics.

  • Investment Bankers:

They help private organizations that wish to go public through an Initial Public Offering or IPO by managing the listing procedure following the regulatory requirements. They are into underwriting new equity, financial advisory, and handling mergers and acquisitions. Exhaustive training and a minimum of an MBA qualification can let you get the relevant skills.

Developing a fruitful share market career can be challenging and rewarding. By having a solid base of financial skills, getting real-world experience, establishing connections and having hands-on analytical and critical thinking capabilities, you can prepare yourself for huge success in this volatile landscape.