Monday 11 December 2023
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Security control and how they work

Security control and how they work


There are different categories of security control that you should know of. They include operational security, management security, and physical security. It is very important to try and understand what each one of them is and how they work.

Management security

This is like the overall of your security control. This can also be called administrative control. This is what provides the rules, the guidance, and the procedures for the sake of security implementation.

Operational security

The second one and what you should also know of is operational security. This is like the effectiveness of how you are all control works. Operational security is also known as technical security. They include things such as authentication, access control as well security topologies.

Physical control

The third and the last one is physical security or IT security singapore . This is simply physically protecting your network, your data, and your hardware from things or personnel who may harm or also destroy the normal operation of your business, company, or institution. You can also physically protect a company or business from things that may harm your integrity, confidentiality, and also the availability of data or important network systems.  By doing so, you will be protecting your interest.